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Julie M Edge 

Inside Edge Coaching  Coach
Mission Hills, KS

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Mission Hills, KS
Inside Edge Coaching
6825 Cherokee Lane
Mission Hills, KS 66208

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Additional Information

Primarily external with individuals
Doctorate/advanced degree
Certified by a professional coach training school


As a business strategist and life coach, Julie is passionate about helping her clients balance their lives—personal, work, family, community—so they can thrive, rather than just survive. 


For entrepreneurs, she provides a mix of coaching and consulting that helps them refine their business idea, chart a strategic path, beef up their structure, fine-tune how they tell others about it, and hire the support they need. 


For executives, Julie provides a sounding board and tools for stronger communication, boundary setting, role management, and goal setting and achievement.


Julie’s career spans three decades in the science, technology, and communication industries. She has experienced the highs and lows of being a startup founder, small business owner, board member, as well as a consultant and freelancer. Julie has counseled hundreds of emerging and established leaders that represented businesses ranging from the smallest to some of the largest—some were privately owned, others investor-backed, and a few were publicly traded. 


As a socio-biologist by training, Julie has a keen eye for patterns in human behavior and nature. But most of all, she has an intuitive sense of people’s strengths and how to position them to lead and thrive through transitions. Learn more at: