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Member Bio

Gary E Phillips 

The Good Tree LLC  Owner
Lansing, KS

Contact Information

Lansing, KS
The Good Tree LLC
708 Canyon View
Lansing, KS 66043

Personal Information

Additional Information

Primarily external with individuals
Master's degree
Certified by a professional coach training school


Coaching Credentials

George Mason University

October 2015-February 2016

ACC 7/6/2020

Work experience

1974-2001 US Army Officer, Military Intelligence, led from platoon to Brigade and served on staffs at all levels.

2001-2009 US Army Training and Doctrine Command, Director, Threats

2009-2012 US Army Training and Doctrine Command, Director of the TRADOC Intelligence Support Activity

2012-2019 US Army Training and Doctrine Command, Assistant TRADOC G2 (Intelligence)

2020 - Retired from Civil Service, opened The Good Tree LLC to coach full time.


Coaching style

I lean toward solution focused coaching with the intent for the client to discover a range of possible solutions to issues they face. My approach is holistic. I think everything in the client’s life has an impact on their perspective. I value the idea of the coach as a resource and will often offer reading or resources I think may be pertinent to the client.

About me

A life with integrity – all the parts fit together seamlessly is my goal. Knowing what is important when is where I spend my energy. I am a Christian and work daily to be better than I was the day before in living up to Christian ideals expressed in Scripture. I am at a time in my life and career where serving others and helping them be successful gives me joy. Service, worship and relationships are where I invest my time and energy.


“I am larger, better than I thought; I did not know I held so much goodness."


― Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass